VTTAssets.com is dead

Long live VTTA.io!

A fresh start

In order to be able to create a brand-new set of tools, it was easier to keep the old tools alive for as long as I can and start development without any technological debt. As announced on Patreon and during the launch streaming event

  • the new website is reachable at vtta.io
  • join the new Discord server at discord.vtta.io
  • the new Chrome extension is available on the Google Webstore
  • vtta-dndbeyond is replaced by vtta-ddb (and vtta-core, but that's installed automatically for you)

State of the new tools

You will get update information on Patreon and/or on Discord, but here are some informational tidbits:

  • Monster import is working, 100% for official monsters (*)
  • Item import is working, 100% for official items (*)
  • Spell import is working, 100% for official items (*)
  • Adventure import is work in progress, as a data migration from the old format into the new one is required

* 100% of the entities parse and are importable, but may contain incorrect details that need your reports in order to get them right

I want more explanations!

See you on the other side!

Stay lovely,